Please help me start over GoFundME FREE Crowd Funding Exposure Campaign

I am in need of help please if your able to donate to my cause please help. I am starting over and need help with deposits and I need a vehicle to get around. I’m on SSI and just got section 8 so I can finally get a place I just can’t afford the moving […]

Hit and run on students car GoFundME FREE Booster CrowdFunding Campaign

My friend got her car damaged she is a student in England and she doesn’t have sore money to fork out on repairs any help would be gratefully appreciated! I am setting up this account of behalf of Demi. On Friday the 2nd of November at approximately 13:15 Bournemouth, Demi’s car was involved in […]

Depression awareness through journaling GoGetFunding Campaign

Many young people live with depression without even realising it until it is too late. The campaign is meant to raise funds to print journals with guided pages that help prevent and limit the increase of depression among young people in Kenya Having experienced depression first hand in the recent past, I was in awe […]

Gary Spradlin FREE Coffee Express KickStarter FREE Booster

I’m attempting to raise money to open my first store. And then take the sales from that store and start building more I hope to build five within the next two years 15 to 20 within the next five years. Support Here My name is Gary Spradlin. I’m looking to open a chain coffee shop […]

On disability about to go homeless GoFundME FREE Booster

Hello Neighbors, friends and strangers!  Desperate times call for desperate measures so I am doing everything i possibly can to keep from being homeless in the next 2-3 weeks. My name is Melanie and I am campaigning for emergency moving funds. On August 5th  I was given a notice to move due to the building […]

Generosity of the American People GoFundME Booster

I am Roger Brantley. I work in the Oilfield and work over 100 hours a week. I make a decent living for my family. I pay all my bills on time. I am married with 4 kids. My oldest son and his wife and his 3 kids also live in my home while he finishes […]

Knee Surgery Medical Costs GoFundMe Campaign

Raising money to cover medical costs after knee surgery My name is Patrice Russell, and I’ve just undergone surgery for my knee. I have had an osteotomy, a knee arthroscopy, and patellofemoral joint replacement surgery. I had been suffering from chronic knee dislocations for over 13 years, and due to the lack of insurance, or any kind […]

My SEO Workbook: Write your way to more traffic from search

The purpose of this campaign is to create a resource to get more businesses started with creating content and optimizing their site for search engines a.k.a get your SEO done. While social media has been a primary focus for traffic strategy for marketers and entrepreneurs in recent years, last year SEO outpaced social media driving […]

Total Loss House Fire

My children and I are homeless due to a fire. As such, the kids are not attending school. My depression is at its literal worst state right now. I have been begging for help but it has been unsuccessful. I am scared. That is the truth of the matter. If no relief comes, I will […]

Engineered to bring perfectly timed fitness supplements to a $133 Billion market

Engineered to bring perfectly timed fitness supplements to a $133 Billion market.  Our brand, “Day Night Aid for Professional Fitness” provides a carefully engineered line of nutritional supplements, designed to satisfy the day and night requirements of those seeking to lose weight and optimize athletic performance. The three major components – dietary supplements, fitness equipment, and […]

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