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Ecard System Real Human – a Documentary

Ecard System Real Human - a DocumentaryDONATE Today!

Mission: To end the heart-breaks (however small or large) and create The World Wide Family for kids.



Have your child play a role in our film! The film is to be made by supporters and for supporters! Here is how:

The documentary will be made possible in large part through the efforts of students (paid and voluntary) from Binghamton University, NY:

The concept for the REAL HUMAN documentary as well as the toy-confidant network itself, for the lonely and not-so-lonely kids was thought of and discussed throughout the recent years with parents, teachers and psychologists. Our team feels energized. We have come to believe it is time to engage the professionals and all the rest of us in the REAL HUMAN experiment and produce the overdue film (as well as the net) with aim to spread the word while taking the childhood of current generation beyond anything we have thus far experienced.
Mission: To fight the heart-breaks of early childhood (however small or large they may be) and create The World Wide Family for preschoolers. Some school age children may decide to join when lost or lonely.

What is the major theme? Who are the characters in the film?

The main characters are children armed with cuddly toys. Each toy will be enabled to show emotions via a friendly voice of a REAL HUMAN (modified on demand). The toys will not initiate any chats in most cases but rather will be there to answer questions or offer words of approval upon child’s request. Since the voice provider is in fact a REAL HUMAN (online) – “the toy” knows it’s child well enough to be able and convey values such as no artificial intelligence or a recording could.

Naturally, the relationship is most appropriate for the kids who still believe in wonders such as Santa and still love cartoons where animals speak. Here they will have the chance to immerse and PLAY PERSONALLY IN THEIR OWN ENCHANTED ENVIRONMENT. Only their extended family will seem suddenly larger and richer. (There will be some inclusions of HoloLenz as well.) The interactions will be based in heart-felt emotions and understanding. The kids of school age may be included if desired. The size of the toy-confidant varies. The small ones can be carried in a pocket.

What is the most fascinating part in a play with a REAL HUMAN companion-network from a view point of a child?

It is a Disney-like Human Connection; an experience of getting in touch with the best of human heart felt intentions, all via a simple network composed of child advocates and the advocates for a better future.

Picture watching the Big Bird via aHoloLenz (the last video below). It must feel amazing. Now picture the same Big Bird turning to your child to answer personal questions. The Bird taking the child on his lap (with child’s agreement) may feel even more amazing.

Aside from chatting with the video heroes like the Big Bird, children will experience human connection chatting with actual own toys. Picture a Santa toy. It feels amazing when first received as a gift. It must feel even more amazing to initiate a cheerful chat via the network. When same toy is shown through a HoloLenz video, there is an experience of flight with Santa in the sky.

Preschoolers and toddlers of today will experience most sophisticated Watson-like robots on daily bases when adults. The play with a REAL HUMAN network might be an appropriate introduction, a possible turn-away from a “power driven culture” to a “good will driven culture”.

When will the REAL HUMAN documentary be published?

The PART ONE is expected to be ready in 3 month after funding is received. Most of the funds are expected to be allocated to travel and interviews with professionals. Some of the interviews will be made available to Backers immediately and before publishing of the film. The PART TWO will be devoted to revisiting the children in person and online after some time (3-4 month) and collecting of new data. Comments from the professionals will again be included. (There are plans for the part three which is to introduce the international holographic chat.)

How to arrange the first conversation with the Invisible Sitter:


ARRANGEMENT ONE: You the parent will need a smart phone or a computer with a camera. You will need to sign up to the network via an app (instructions will be provided) and, of course, a plush toy with the AI-Chat-Spot must be present. Your child with the toy will be on your lap or by your side or in close proximity. You will see the Invisible Sitter on your phone. To brake the ice a few sample chats will be included in your e-manual, just in case, ahead of time.

ARRANGEMENT TWO: Same as above but with addition of another toy for a more involved chat or game. You might think of your own creative script where, for example, the child may play a teacher for both toys.

Who are the Invisible Sitters:

Anyone can be a sitter, including a parent. The 2-way and 3-way chats (above) are just for the beginners. There are MANY creative play ideas and the hope is the network will find its way to kindergartens, hospitals and wherever the extra hug and human ear may be needed. Parents have the control but their presence is not always necessary. Below you can see a video showing a sitter in action, providing an opportunity for the child to talk with video heroes in person.

IMPORTANTLY, the sitters may charge a fee (income for students, freelancers) or do it free out of compassion on a setting specific for the low-income parents.

How does the REAL HUMAN network work?

A mobile app will allow parents with smartphones to submit an Invisible Babysitter request. The request will then be routed to the sitters who are enabled to use their own modified voices to entertain children long distance. Basic concept is similar to that of Uber Drivers but fees and rewards are structured somewhat different. This is the network of compassionate child advocates. The voices come into child’s room in form of talking toys, objects or video characters upon child’s invitation.

Bottom Line: Child advocates lend their own imagination as well as MODIFIED voices to toys, objects and even video characters. The aiChatSpots placed in toys, objects, on a TV or a wall, are set for a mobile connection. In effect children chat with the supported toys/items on demand, in real time.

Why desperate to produce the REAL HUMAN documentary?

1. Learning and socializing for preschoolers is far from perfect in most communities, even the affluent ones. It is the turn of this age group to receive more attention and we’d like to introduce an innovative, compassionate solution. The first video below shows HUMANIZED CLASSROOM (via technology) for the school-goers. We see it as inspiration to initiate an appropriate, just as innovative, albeit different environment for the younger child.

2. Preschoolers and toddlers of today will become adults within a vastly different reality than ours; here is our opportunity to instill high values delivered from our hearts, wisdom and tradition. To ponder on the subject take a look at the second from the last video below.

3. New HUMANIZED TECHNOLOGIES are powerful and waiting to be better recognized. The film will provide an immediate access (via information) to the innovative ways in which to share understanding of the heart on “beyond emergency basis”.

4. Finally, the documentary will allow to initiate the needed grand-discussion as well as the observations and comments from professionals.


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