Heartcore Methode

Dear Ladies and Gentleman… The dream of human been has found his target! The cure to all mental desases, sickness and disorder has been found!! I am able to cure even cancer and many other body illness. The work I am doing is called: Ghost Hoster!! I am the first Ghost Hoster in the world… […]

Legends Of Gondwana

Legends of Gondwana is a Multiplayer RPG with a mythical, ancient story with Science Fiction elements to offer players new experiences and visions for a new world and new legends based on long-forgotten lore.

Help Josiah get started with his music

I need to get set up so I can share my music!! I promise it will make a difference and I won’t leave out any donor. In fact, I’ll make a personalized song for whoever donates.

60 MESI – 7% ANNUO / 60 MONTHS – 7% YEARLY 60 MESI – 7% ANNUO / 60 MONTHS – 7% YEARLY

Everything becomes possible. Crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity for all those who wish to face an investment with a low starting capital, and for all operators in the sector who are looking for new sources of capital supply. We want to create a solid network of investors who want to create something. An investment is […]

Studio Construction/Rostislav Melnyk GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

I am raising money for my studio construction., plus welding machine and other studio appliances/ tools.

Please help Mike reach his final place to live. Fundrazr Campaign

Establishing my final place to live. I need to move for my living conditions. Partially disabled I am unable to maneuver steps or inclines. My dream is to get a small plot of land, enough for a large greenhouse and a 500 to 750 sqft living quarters. Something level with no steps or land on […]

Paradise Lost: King Family Campfire Rebuild Fund GoFundME Campaign

Paradise Lost: King Family Campfire Rebuild Fund GoFundME Campaign

GymBuds (app) – Why workout alone? Dijon Ransom GoFundME Campaign

I am an IT professional who finds it difficult to grab the motivation to go to the gym. I’m sure some of you can relate. You either head to the gym and are total clueless on how to workout or, you just feel intimidated. Motivation seem difficult to come by when your alone. That’s when […]

Toy Car Toss! Company start-up! Benjaman Harre GoFundME Campaign

Hello, My name is Benjaman. It has always been my dream to make video games ever since I can remember. I have played video games ever since I was able to wrap my hands around a control. Years ago I taught myself how to code in C# and other program languages. A few months back […]

Kingdom of Rhea KickStarter CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Kingdom of Rhea is inspired by rpg games such as DarkSouls, Skyrim, Fallout. However, the game is different from the others. In Kingdom of Rhea, the choice you will make during a game will be very important. An entire city could be destroyed if you take the wrong path, unlocking new content for your experiences […]