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My name is Jennifer and I have a brother named Richard Richardson who had an accident on November 27 2014 and is now quadriplegic. He can move his arms but he had a halo while he was in rehab and didn’t get his full amount of rehab cause his insurance ended. He was sent to a nursing home where they didn’t do proper range of motion and Richard’s arms locked up.

He was receiving Botox injections and was getting physical therapy on his arms and they were help but when he began to get better Medicaid stop paying for his physical therapy and his arms look right back up. I am trying to raise money to help my brother get and keep use of his arms.

This is trending but we need it to go viral so help share my brother’s story with your friends and family, then get them to share this with there friends and family.

Help Richard get the Therapy he deserves and needs

Thank you,

Jennifer R