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This is difficult for me to write, so here it goes…

My heart is still failing and is “structurally unsound” as the doctor’s say. Since I don’t have fully adequate health insurance, I now need to pay out-of-pocket to Cedars Sinai to keep my heart healthcare on-going. At this point, I’ve exhausted my savings and hardship withdrawals from my 401k, until I’m all cleared to return to work or worst case scenario…go onto full time disability.

So, I’m pretty much reaching out for any help that friends can offer. I know money is difficult for everyone and I understand if you can’t help, but I have to reach out for help at this point.

This is not something I’m used to and it’s incredibly embarrassing and difficult for me. If you can help in any way I’ve started a gofundme campaign, but if you can’t … no worries, at all! I’ve been through a lot and know I’ll make it through this.

I know in the past I’ve been more fortunate than most and I’m lucky that my insurance and savings have been able to get me to this point.

Thanks for taking time to read this and much love.