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Please help mom buy a car. She bought a lemmon Viral Exposure ZumaFunder.com Booster

My mother bought a lemmon car – dangerous to public safety, with her life savings. She needs help to buy another car to save her job and avoid being homeless. If my desired hashtags aren’t popular, please consider choosing better options for me. Thank You.

Taxes Tags & Titles Oh my Sarah Cooke GoFundME ZumaFunder CrowdFunding Boost

I’m raising money to pay for the sales tax, personal property tax, and titling of my car. I was injured at work which cost me my job. After two months of healing my shoulder, I’m back at work. I now make way less money. I’ve managed to keep things caught up or made payment arrangements, […]

Taylor Ancinec Car Fundraiser GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

Raising money for my car! My name is Taylor. I’m 20  years old, and desperately wanting to begin my life independently! I have a job as a waitress and a housekeeper. I am really needing some help with saving money to buy my own car! The truck I’m driving gets 6 miles per gallon and I […]

Help me after getting hit by a car GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

1/14/19 I was crossing at a crosswalk and a car ran a red light and hit me. I have 3 fractures in my back, two sprained hips, two fractured toes, a sprained ankle, a fractured tailbone, and a sprained neck. I will slowly try to go back to work but I won’t be able to […]

Help me buy my first car GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

Help me save up for this car. I really need it for getting too and from school/work. I don’t know how it would be possible without you guys. Thank you in advance for all you loving people who donate to help me. https://www.gofundme.com/34wyfk-help-me-raise-money-for-a-car  

My Fathers Car GoFundME CrowdFundingExposure.com Campaign

My father has always been a giving man. He’s told me many times that he would do whatever he can for me and he has. He’s worked so hard and everything he’s done has been for me so now that this tragic accident has happened to his beloved car, that he saved for months in order […]

Help me get a downpayment GoFundME ViralExposure.Co Campaign

I am currently without a vehicle because it was totalled. I work from Norcal down to CenVal. I lost my good job. Not to say my remaining job isn’t good the other just paid better. I’m short on cash. I’m a disabled, single mother who needs a car desperately to keep her family afloat. https://www.gofundme.com/6lgle1c […]

Fight Poverty with Wheels GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

I am a disabled, single mother of a teenage son. I lost my job this summer because my car was totalled. I work all over Norcal and CenVal so without a car I am unable to work. I live in a tiny town with limited public transportation. I had several jobs when I had my […]

Car Accident! Need Help GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

I just got into a car accident.   When I called the insurance company I found that I had apparently mixed up the coverage and didn’t notice until now.  So they told me that I have no coverage on my own vehicle,  just on the vehicle I damaged. So now I have no vehicle, and […]

Weʼre raising £3,000 to help buy a car to get my disabled child out and about

Desperately in need of a car (Automatic) to help my child go out and overcome his fears. His anxiety becomes so bad he can cower with traffic noise, wet himself and often refuses to leave the house at all. Having a car will bring new freedom to us, allowing me to take my child out […]