Mr and Mrs Cortez First Car To Own GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

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My husband and I couldn’t get a car on our own. So we had to get someone to cosign for us. When we asked his mother to co-sign she said yes. But three months down the road she went and told them she didn’t want to co-sign for us anymore. We didn’t know why she didn’t want to co-sign anymore.

All we knew was that we didn’t have a car anymore. My husband and I take care of my grandma because she got very ill. We had to keep asking everyone to help us out. At first everyone was ok about it, but then it got to much for everyone.

They where talking us to work and to her doctors appointment and they just couldn’t do what they wanted to do. My husband and I have tried to stay but we live paycheck to paycheck. It’s really impossible to save for a car when we live paycheck by paycheck. We just want to get back on to our feet and make everything uncomplicated. My husband and I have looked at many cars but have come upon one that we may be able to afford.

What we want to be able just to buy it off the lot instead of doing down payments. So if you could please help my husband and I get back on to our feet we would greatly appreciate it.

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