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Please help Maya get back up and running again. On July 22, while playing ball at the dog park she tore her meniscus & CCL in her left hind leg (similar to the ACL in humans) causing her to be unable to support her weight on that leg. For her it means no more running, for the two of us it means no more walks & no more car rides. Being a senior and alone is rough but Maya is truly a God send. She is my walking partner, my companion, gives me purpose & brings love into my life. I’m on disability & can’t afford the surgery. Maya is only 8 years old & if she & I are lucky she could be around another 6 years. That is an awful long time for a dog to be stuck in this condition & confined indoors. I’m not comfortable asking for donations but I really need your help to get her back up & running again. A copy of the vet estimate and other supporting information is posted on my GFM page.

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