A home for my daughter

Home for my daughter

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The pandemic has completely wiped out every single penny of my savings. My hours were cut at work significantly and my daughter and I are just trying to survive. 

My spouse has left during this time and I’m in the process of getting a divorce.  It feels like my entire world is falling apart.  I’ve fallen behind on rent and now have to leave by the end of September unless I can pay the amount due. Please help me keep a roof over my and my daughters head.  I’m just trying to survive at this point but it’s just my daughter and I.  My family is not around and we are new to North Carolina.  We moved here from Florida  at the beginning of this year. 

Florida is where I was born and raised and with this pandemic, it has not allowed much of an opportunity to have made any friendships.  My daughter just turned 11 years old and a new state, plus the pandemic, I’d hate to have to uproot her again. 

With your help, I will be able to not only provide a safe home for myself and my daughter, but she will be able to stay in the community with her friends and not have to be uprooted to a new home again.  Please help us survive this time as we continue to pray. 

Thank you.

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