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Help Save me from Bills a goFundMe Campaign to Support Richard Stapp

Help to save Richard from Bills Medical – GoFundMe

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to read this. My name is Richard, and I’m a 51-year-old Chef that has had a tough year. I currently work running a kitchen at a small mountain resort. We are snowed in during winter so it’s challenging, and getting sick is not an option.

Well, this last winter I started having bad shoulder pains, thinking it was muscle-related I just chugged on. It got worse as time went and I started having difficulty getting around, pretty much doing my job.

I thought I could make it the last couple of weeks until we shut down as I had made it basically 10 weeks in the shape I was in. Well, a few days before we were going to close I got really bad. Trouble breathing, irregular heartbeat. So I was taken out on one of our track trucks to the hospital. I was in ICU and the next day had surgery. Turns out I had 2 severe lung infections on the right side.

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Those had caused sepsis as well, and my right lung was collapsed and filled with fluid. The Dr’s and nurses told me I was top 10 worst cases they had ever seen. Skip to today and I am alive, I do have permanent lung damaged so things aren’t quite the same. I don’t make a lot of money, but it’s just enough that I’m not a candidate for financial aid.

I  take home just over $1000 a month after all my insurance and taxes. So I am now at a point where the expenses that were not covered by my insurance are smothering me. I am going to have to cancel my car insurance and that means I can’t register my truck, so I will be without transportation. I have already had one of the medical services that were separate go to past due and are sending me to collections. I feel horrible coming here and asking for help, but this one thing is dragging me down as it’s just more than I can afford.

It is causing me stress that is not helping my health improve and as I get more consumed by the medical bills I just don’t know what or how I’m going to survive. I am sorry this is so long-winded, but again I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a blessed day everyone! #HelpRichard 

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Richard Stapp
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