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Amazing Woman Needs Help With Bills

Ashley is a wonderful mom of three great kids. She is going through a contentious divorce and needs to pay her legal fees. She also has some expenses she needs to cover due to one of her kid’s medical conditions. Despite all her stresses, Ashley is an incredibly loving and caring woman who always has […]

Help a single income household pay medical bills and keep a roof over our heads

Two years ago  just months after hitting 30 in July I experienced what I believed to be a heart attack while at work. Open arrival to the ER doctors gave put my on oxygen and claimed it was just a severe panic attack. Then highly recommended I get a primary care physician and move on. […]

Spencers Medical Bills Zumafunder.com GoFundMe Booster Exposure CrowdFunding

Spencer’s Medical Bills GoFundMe Campaign

Hello! My name is Spencer. I have a rare blood disorder called ITP where my body doesn’t produce enough of the cells that clot your blood. This requires very expensive treatments. One of the treatments forces my bone marrow to produce those cells, but in February it went into overdrive. Now I have too many […]

Help us with our fight with her2 breast cancer GoFundMe by Paul Bokmuller

Help us with our fight with her2 breast cancer GoFundMe by Paul Bokmuller

Fort Myers, FL – Tuesday January 7th, 2020 Thank you for taking the time to help us my fiancée Marlena Cormier is fighting a very aggressive and relentless cancer called HER2 positive stage 3 breast cancer. After many months of chemo and then Surgery was on December 12th to remove breast tissue and 5  lymph […]

Medical Expenses for my Fiance GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

My fiance received news she has more than a couple of potentially dangerous growths in her body. This news was given to us by her new doctor. Her previous doctor was aware of these growths for well over three years. Now, we are scrambling to make plans for oncologists and OBGYNs when we were already […]

Hope for Fern GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

Fundraiser for Fern who has Cancer I am starting a fundraising for Fern Johnagin who lives in Rogersville Tn, she has had one lung removed a little over a year ago after having radiation and chemo treatments for lung cancer. Now she has a growth in the only lung she has and her condition is deteriorating. […]

Paying For Medical Bills GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

My name is Kudakwashe Panganayi staying in Ntabazinduna Zimbabwe. In 2017 my wife was burnt by paraffin when she was making Cobra. She stayed for 3 month in Hospital. In 2018 February my daughter was also hit by a car when she was coming from School. She stayed for one and half month in Mpilo […]

First Responder Jake Morrill Needs Help Medical Bills Assistance GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

When I was a baby I was diagnosed with a bicuspid Aortic Valve. A BAV is the Aortic valve that has two leaflets instead of three and can cause complications where your body doesn’t get enough blood flow or there isn’t enough blood removed from the left ventricle. My parents and doctors have been keeping […]

Medical bills help us pay rent GoFundME CrowdFundingExposure.com

We live in a trailer 10′ x 35′ falling apart but its better than the street or car, our medical bills are so high we are three Months behind on rent and cannot be evicted because of my oxygen and my wife’s Sleep Apnea. We also have three cats over twelve years old. Our rent […]

Aaydens Medical Needs GoFundME Medical Help CrowdFundingExposure.com

My son has medical problems. He’s had breathing problems since he was born, and he’s allergic to everything and has severe asthma. I’m trying to raise enough money for a breathing machine and some medications that are not covered through his insurance. I’m also trying to raise enough money to buy some tools and supplies […]