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Four years ago my now wife left Venezuela to join me and start our forever life in the UK. In doing so she left ALL her family behind. Due to the state of the country she has had minimal contact and has not seen her family since she left.

Since leaving the country it has deteriorated, things have gotten much worse. Electricity, food, medicine and water outages are the new normal. You either have to pay somebody 10+ times the price to get products for you, wait in a 6+ hour line in the supermarket and hope, or get used to not having certain products for a while. On the street, people call it “Maduro’s Diet”. Our family is choosing to have one or two meals a day, my brother in law is prioritizing feeding my ailing father and mother in law instead of himself so they get the nutrients they need. It’s a really hard and sad situation, which my family and many others are living. To give you some perpective: you will need at least 18 minimum monthly wages to get basic products for a small family and the number keeps rising.

Please consider donating whatever you can to help this cause, any and all donations will be so gratefully received. This money will help to supply over the counter medicine, food products such as rice, can tuna, beans, pasta, milk, sugar, masa for arepas, cooking oil, shampoo, soup, deodorant, personal use products, tooth paste amongst others.
I will keep donors posted on how our family is doing.

Thank YOU so very much in advance.


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