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Help Fadia´s fight against cancer GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

Fadia was diagnosed with rare cancer of unknown origin in June 2018.
It is a fluid consisting of rapidly dividing cells located in the right ovary and resulted in small microvilli placed on the peritoneal wall of the stomach.
She received chemotherapy for six months.
The doctor then asked her to do analysis, radiographs and BET-SCAN to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment. The result was good.
But now, unfortunately, after a new analysis shows that the cancer returned to her in August 2019.
According to the doctor, this type of cancer comes quickly and goes quickly.
She needs again chemotherapy and then maybe surgery.
(In the past two months, Fadia has received two chemical doses, but can not fund the remaining treatment.)

Let’s help Fadia.
Let us surround her with love, prayers and positive energy.
Let’s let Fadia feel support behind her.