Help a single income household pay medical bills and keep a roof over our heads

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Two years ago  just months after hitting 30 in July I experienced what I believed to be a heart attack while at work. Open arrival to the ER doctors gave put my on oxygen and claimed it was just a severe panic attack. Then highly recommended I get a primary care physician and move on. Fast forward two years and several different medications later they still don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m currently seeing a cardiologist, electrophysiologist, a neurologist, a pain medicine specialist, a psychologist and last but no least my primary care physician.

    Tests have been mounting up and although they keep finding a multitude of things wrong they can’t pinpoint the source of my illness. All the while my medical bills are through the roof.  For the last six months my condition has deteriorated, chest pain is still chronic, after a CT scan they found nodules in my lungs (ironically I’ve never been a smoker).. and now utop of constant pain everywhere for the last two weeks my left arm has been numb but feeling nothing but pain at the same time, and I’ve lost feeling in all fingers but my right pinky. I e have just been piling up. To top it offprimary care physician and employer put me on unpaid FMLA and wasdeclined for Unemployment benefits, and am not allowed to return to work per my primary care physician nor my Employer until they find out what is wrong with me. 

If you can find it in your heart to help, I would forever be grateful, even if its just to lift me up in prayer. 

I will update this as I go from doctor to doctor but there’s still no end in sight..

Thank you for your time. Thank you for helping me keep a roof over my children’s head.

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