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Help a single income household pay medical bills and keep a roof over our heads

Two years ago  just months after hitting 30 in July I experienced what I believed to be a heart attack while at work. Open arrival to the ER doctors gave put my on oxygen and claimed it was just a severe panic attack. Then highly recommended I get a primary care physician and move on. […]

Palmer Family In Their Time of Need

We have struggled massively during the pandemic, and just because the money stops doesn’t mean the bills do. As a family we have been very fortunate to have a fair amount of help when we needed it, well now as we are facing rising medical bills and more and more every day expenses, we are […]

Reaching Out To Save Those Who Feel Forgotten!

We The People and “One Nation Under God” are two foundational statements that must be upheld both here in America and also extended to the world as an example of true liberty. Here is an overview of the introduction and purpose of my non-profit organization. I Michael Johnson, recently registered a non-profit organization with the […]