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HANGAR 66 deluxe graphic novel volume #1 (by Max Bertolini)

Are you ready for an epic post-apocalyptic tale of human survival in an unrelenting world of oppressive new world government control, that is, a stylistic cross between Game of Thrones and Mad Max? Of course, appropriately. HANGAR 66 comes from the mind of (Mad) Max Bertolini. Max and HANGAR 66 are quite well-known in Italy […]

Super Hero Speak is creating A Comic Book based Podcast/Patreon

We are Super Hero Speak a weekly podcast about comic books and comic book related media (TV/movies/video games). This is a show for comic book nerds by comic book nerds. This is a labor of love for the guys and they enjoy bringing high quality content to you every week. And yes, the show will […]