GoFundMe USA 5 Best Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link


Campaign URL or Website URL : gf.me/u/y43hh5

My life has been severely affected by COVID-19 just like many other Americans. I have been unemployed for 6 months now and just about 3 weeks away from being homeless. I am actively seeking work, but have reached a point where I cannot travel to or accept a position if I cannot afford gas or hotel. I am a consulting Engineer so my jobs are always out of town. My immediate worry is keeping a roof over my head and keeping food on the table for myself and my dog, as unemployment is not enough for basic needs. My credit cards are all completely maxed out which lowered my credit score, having a lasting impact. I have never asked for money online before, but since I have no family or place to turn there’s no other option. Thank you for the assistance.

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