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Help Support my Small Business

Were a very small business that love helping our Community with their Junk Removal needs etc. were only trying to keep our business a float during these Pandemic times we are happily accepting any donations please visit us at supportallcleanproperty.com for more info.

GoFundMe USA 5 Best Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link


My life has been severely affected by COVID-19 just like many other Americans. I have been unemployed for 6 months now and just about 3 weeks away from being homeless. I am actively seeking work, but have reached a point where I cannot travel to or accept a position if I cannot afford gas or […]

Covid hospital bills & recovery

I’m a 44 year old mom of 4 & 2020 has taken toll on my health. I’ve been rushed by ambulance 3 times this year. Twice for my blood pressure and once due to Covid & have had 2 hospital stays. I do have insurance but it does not cover everything & I’ve exhausted my […]