Father of 2 Young Children Asking for Help by Danny Ortega

Father of 2 Young Children Asking for Help by Danny Ortega

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On May 26th, 2019,  a young father of two was working delivering pizza to support his family. After working a hard day of construction before his pizza shift, Stephen looked forward to taking it easy as he went door to door with the towns pizza needs in hand, in return for tips. Unfortunately the universe had other plans and Stephen got into his first car accident that day.

It was nothing serious, he had scratched the doors and slightly dented the rear panel of another motorists vehicle. The front bumper on Stephens 30 year old Volkswagen was scraped on the passenger side. Police came, information was gathered and everybody left. Due to fatigue (and admittedly a broken passenger side mirror), Stephen admitted fault with his insurance company.

Life went on as usual, and Stephen had since finished his classes at New England Tractor Trailer School and had become a commercial truck driver. He was on his way to get ahead, purchase a more usable vehicle for his family, and get caught up on long overdue utility bills.

Sadly though, The insurance company doesn’t want that happening.  Now, on December 17th 2019, one week before Christmas, the insurance company called Stephen and demanded $7,769 for damages, plugs a $1000 deductible. Even though Stephen had insurance, the claim was denied because he was delivering pizza at the time of the accident. They threatened that they want $1000 before the end of this month, or the state will suspend his drivers license.

Please consider helping this young man keep his life on track. At 22 years old he has a four year old son, a newborn daughter and a 20 year old wife who all depend on him. Thank you.

Please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/92fu3z-asking-for-help

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