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Welcome to CosmicExpressions! We opened the shop after a trying period of time. Anna was laid off from her job of 4 years. After having a self revelation she realized that life should be about more than just punching a clock and paying bills. Anna begun to pursue her dream of becoming a yoga instructor and longed to share art, creativity, and handmade goods with the world.

After sharing her ideas with Stephen they set out to make these dreams a reality. Our shop became the collaboration of two creative minds and a passion to share their work.

At CosmicExpressions we create customize hand stamped coins, keychains, & jewelry, custom memo/picture boards, and handcrafted raw gemstone rings.

If you don’t see quite what you’re looking for please feel free to send a request or message us.

We have the ability to customize our products to fit your vision & together we can create the perfect personalized gift.

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