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Changes are on their way for Indian Rural Women GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

Women and girls in remote Indian villages are very rarely in the spotlight. Rural women’s rights, food and poverty are issues that are inextricably linked. Rural women have limited access to so many things like Education, seeds, credits, or finance. There are still uneducated and poor village women fiscally reliant on others, despite the fact that they have their own capacities to learn and earn for themselves.

If rural women were employed, made self subordinate and empowered to do more and be more, the possibility for their economic growth becomes apparent. But, at present, most of their voices are muted and their choices are restricted and they do not have any opportunity to learn, to land any job and no money-related backing for many women in rural areas of India.

Hence, employing and empowering rural women is a pre-requisite for letting them come out of the current situation in order to lead a quality life. For this to achieve, we have decided to create an environment for rural women where they can learn, work and earn for themselves so that they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society.
We strongly believe that Illiteracy is not at all a hurdle for them to get trained and work on their own. So, we planned this program of “Learning and Earning” to be applicable for all rural women nearby our city irrespective of their literacy level, caste, creed or religion. It would truly empower them to exercise their rights, improve the social, economic, political and legal strength and lead a better life.
As we all knew, it is always the best practice to do it ourselves before we ask others to do it. A change should come within us first. So as a first step to toward this cause, I along with one of my friends prepared an action plan for this program by employing rural women in his own small scale industry (where he is going to produce drinking water with suitable PH levels and anti oxidants that fit for human health with in a very reasonable price).

He is going to let them learn how to read and write in their mother tongue besides training them on his industry related work which makes them “Employment Eligible”. He also planned to tie up with other small scale industries in nearby areas for providing employment assistance for as many rural women as possible. This requires additional amount of money for providing resources to create a “Learn while you Earn” environment for them.
As a second step, I am also looking for helping hands to make this project a big success. Asking for monetary help is never an easy thing to do. However, now is my time and I have to stand up straight and admit that I do need help to finally make this dream come true.

The money raised through this Crowd funding is being used for more than just to educate and employ rural women but to help them lead a quality life. Every dollar put down toward this cause would mean the universe to me.
My sincere thanks again for your support and for taking a moment to share the campaign with friends.

Raja Sekhar