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Big Easy Magazine Relaunch 2.0 GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com EMWNews

In June 2018, I decided to launch Big Easy Magazine, online home for progressive New Orleans. I wanted to give New Orleans a voice and tell the stories of those voices who often go unheard. Over the last year, Big Easy Magazine has made tremendous progress, breaking stories that garnered national attention. We’ve exposed racism, […]

Lobbyists Paying To Not Play Fair! GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

When the Big Corporate Lobbyists don’t play fair we need to expose them for what they are! It’s time we act and push for complete transparency. We are evolving the community standards of humanity and pushing for a better, brighter and more informed nation. We the people will all to the same standard and accountability. […]

Support Vietnamese political workers GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

Aim to help Vietnamese political workers who is tortured and imprison by Vietnam authorities Hello everyone!My name is Summer Chi Hoang, i am a 23 year old Vietnamese living in the UK. My goal is to establish a non profit organisation where all the political workers in the UK and political Vietnamese prisoners can seek […]

European campaign Démocratie citoyenne fund raising GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

Citizen democracy. Democratie citoyenne is a voters list of 79 people that will be tabled for the European elections of May 2019 to represent France. It is an apolitical list of common sense gathering young and old, representing the middle class, respecting parity with ideas and ideals modern, ecological, humanistic. Between populism and politicians no […]

Steigert Furloughed Family GoFundME ZumaFunder.com Campaign

Due to the government shutdown, myself and my wife are both furloughed since 4 days before Christmas 12/21/2018. We have been denied unemployment benefits. Through a series of unfortunate events, our heat went approximately a week prior, we had plumbing issues and had a flood a week after that, and to top it off, our […]

Lobbyist Sues Sen. Sanders' Attorney for Conspiracy & Tort FREE SuperPACman

Lobbyist Sues Sen. Sanders’ Attorney for Conspiracy & Tort

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY December 5th, 2018 – Bernie Sanders, the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential hopeful, shocked not only his core Democrat supporters but the opposition as well when he purchased a not-so-modest summer home on the shores of Lake Champlain. That acquisition effectively contradicts the principals that Bernie, 74, has stood for all his political […]

Blue Wave Busing Movement GoFundME Viral CrowdFunding Exposure

Organized Democrats is starting a national busing movement to bus Democrat voters to the polls for the mid-term elections of 2018. Democrats must win the House to stop Mr. Trump from having unchecked power. This is the most important election of modern history and this busing movement can bring Democrats a win in key battleground […]

A Good Word a Day GofundME CrowdFundingExposure.com Campaign

I am writing an Arts book about the Trump presidency designed to help people find the humor and relief from fear and anxiety in the midst of this apparent political disaster. The title of the book is: “A Good Word a Day Keeps the Trumps Away! Harnessing the Power of Crackpot Poetry, Stupid Short Stories, […]

Conservative Social Network & Associations ViralExposure.us GoFundME Campaign

Conservatives need a new social platform. One where they can share ideas, discuss topics or debate without the chance of being banned, shadow-banned or thrown out. One key purpose of the Conservative Social Networks and Associations (CSNA) will be to provide that open environment and to support communications, public information and education, and a variety […]