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Conservatives need a new social platform. One where they can share ideas, discuss topics or debate without the chance of being banned, shadow-banned or thrown out. One key purpose of the Conservative Social Networks and Associations (CSNA) will be to provide that open environment and to support communications, public information and education, and a variety of learning tools. By helping get the word out, CSNA plans to champion conservatives and conservative causes everywhere.

Another will be to provide a platform where specialty interests or niche groups can form their own online, social associations. To demonstrate and show the potential of these kinds of groups, the Old White Guys Network (OWGN) will be formed within the CSNA. As part of the launch strategy, this network or association will be used to provide guidance on how to create and effectively use this capability within the broader CSNA platform.

Key influencers and well-known conservatives will be used to help promote the initial launch. Ongoing marketing will be in part viral as more people become aware, but will also use traditional offline and online media. Look for us soon, your conservative social network and associations.

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