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Organized Democrats is starting a national busing movement to bus Democrat voters to the polls for the mid-term elections of 2018. Democrats must win the House to stop Mr. Trump from having unchecked power. This is the most important election of modern history and this busing movement can bring Democrats a win in key battleground districts.


On Nov 6th, 2018, Democrats must win the House to restore balance to the congress. To do that, Organized Democrats is launching a national busing movement to bus voters in key districts throughout the United States to the polls.

There are 75 toss up districts. In many of those districts, 10,000 votes can make the difference between a win or loss for Democrats. Through this effort, we can increase voter turnout for our party, take control of the House, and possibly win the Senate and some governors races; a true Blue Wave.

WE MUST WIN and getting our voters to the polls is the way to do it.

This campaign will end on October 29th, 2018. We must meet a minimum goal of $85,000 for this movement to have an impact. The funds raised here will go to the below 40 districts ordered into groups of 10. Each grouping is ordered based on impact level. The top districts are places where busing can be most effective because the distance we have to cover and required voter turnout is lowest.

NOTE: NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL! A $1 contribution can lead to the success of this movement!! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Districts-Grouping 1

CA7 Candidate: Ami Bera Vote Margin 2016: 6,965 Sq mi: 40 Est’d Buses: 6

CA10 Candidate: Josh Harder Vote Margin 2016: 8,201 Sq mi: 45 Est’d Buses: 7

CA49 Candidate: Mike Levin Vote Margin 2016: 1,621 Sq mi: 46 Est’d Buses: 2

KS4 Candidate: James Thompson Vote Margin 2016: 7,609 Sq mi: 50 Est’d Buses: 5

MN2 Candidate: Angie Craig Vote Margin 2016: 6,655 Sq mi: 70 Est’d Buses: 4

NE2 Candidate: Kara Eastman Vote Margin 2016: 3,464 Sq mi: 25 Est’d Buses: 4

NV3 Candidate: Susie Lee Vote Margin 2016: 3,943 Sq mi: 80 Est’d Buses: 4

NH1 Candidate: Chris Pappas Vote Margin 2016: 4,904 Sq mi: 95 Est’d Buses: 4

SC5 Candidate: Archie Parnell Vote Margin 2016: 2,735 Sq mi: 130 Est’d Buses: 5

TX23 Candidate: Gina Ortiz Jones Vote Margin 2016: 3,051 Sq mi: 400 Est’d Buses: 5

Total Buses: 46
Cost: $82,800


Districts-Grouping 2

AZ8 Candidate: Hiral Tipirneni 2016 Vote Margin: 9,072 Sq. Mi: 385 Est’d Buses: 8

CA25 Candidate: Bryan Caforio 2016 Vote Margin: 16,349 Sq. Mi: 100 Est’d Buses: 14

FL7 Candidate: Stephanie Murphy 2016 Vote Margin: 10,456 Sq. Mi: 19 Est’d Buses: v4

FL13 Candidate: Charlie Crist 2016 Vote Margin: 13,544 Sq. Mi: 24 Est’d Buses: 4

GA6 Candidate: Lucy McBath 2016 Vote Margin: 9,282 Sq. Mi: 20 Est’d Buses: 6

IL10 Candidate: Brad Schneider 2016 Vote Margin: 14,900 Sq. Mi: 30 Est’d Buses: 8

KS4 Candidate: James Thompson 2016 Vote Margin: 7,609 Sq. Mi: 50 Est’d Buses: 5

MT1 Candidate: Kathleen Williams 2016 Vote Margin: 21,306 Sq. Mi: 775 Est’d Buses: 15

NE2 Candidate: Kara Eastman 2016 Vote Margin: 3,464 Sq. Mi: 25 Est’d Buses: 4

NV3 Candidate: Susie Lee 2016 Vote Margin: 3,943 Sq. Mi: 80 Est’d Buses: 4

NV4 Candidate: Steven Horsford 2016 Vote Margin: 10,657 Sq. Mi: 330 Est’d Buses: 10

NH1 Candidate: Chris Pappas 2016 Vote Margin: 4,904 Sq. Mi: 95 Est’d Buses: 4

NH2 Candidate: Annie Kuster 2016 Vote Margin: 15,546 Sq. Mi: 190 Est’d Buses: 10

Total Buses: 46
Cost: 172,800


Districts-Grouping 3

FL18 Candidate: Lauren Baer 2016 Vote Margin: 47,524 Sq Mi: 30 Est’d Buses: 20

FL27 Candidate: Donna Shalala 2016 Vote Margin: 28,157 Sq Mi: 30 Est’d Buses: 12

IL12 Candidate: Brendan Kelly 2016 Vote Margin: 45,730 Sq Mi: 160 Est’d Buses: 20

IA1 Candidate: Abby Finkenauer 2016 Vote Margin: 29,500 Sq Mi: 106 Est’d Buses: 12

ME2 Candidate: Jared Golden 2016 Vote Margin: 33,797 Sq Mi: 300 Est’d Buses: 20

NJ7 Candidate: Tom Malinowski 2016 Vote Margin: 37,662 Sq Mi: 40 Est’d Buses: 15

NY19 Candidate: Antonio Delgado 2016 Vote Margin: 24,947 Sq Mi: 325 Est’d Buses: 20

NC13 Candidate: Kathy Manning 2016 Vote Margin: 43,394 Sq Mi: 73 Est’d Buses: 20

TX7 Candidate: Lizzie Pannill Fletcher 2016 Vote Margin: 31,551 Sq Mi: 20 Est’d Buses: 10

UT4 Candidate: Ben McAdams 2016 Vote Margin: 34,184 Sq Mi: 300 Est’d Buses: 10

Total Buses: 159
Cost: 286,200


Districts-Grouping 4

IL6 Candidate: Sean Casten 2016 Vote Margin: 64,964 Sq. Mi: 78 Est’d Buses: 30

IA3 Candidate: Cindy Axne Vote Margin: 53,596 Sq. Mi: 180 Est’d Buses: 40

KY6 Candidate: Amy McGrath Vote Margin: 73,371 Sq. Mi: 78 Est’d Buses: 20

LA3 Candidate: Rob Anderson Vote Margin: 258,632 Sq. Mi: 142 Est’d Buses: 20

MI1 Candidate: Matthew Morgan Vote Margin: 53,443 Sq. Mi: 270 Est’d Buses: 20

MI8 Candidate: Elissa Slotkin Vote Margin: 61,838 Sq. Mi: 53 Est’d Buses: 10

MI11 Candidate: Haley Stevens Vote Margin: 48,411 Sq. Mi: 30 Est’d Buses: 10

NM2 Candidate: Xochitl Torres Small Vote Margin: 58,282 Sq. Mi: 400 Est’d Buses: 40

OH1 Candidate: Aftab Pureval Vote Margin: 65,370 Sq. Mi: 30 Est’d Buses: 25

TX32 Candidate: Colin Allred Vote Margin: 162,868 Sq. Mi: 15 Est’d Buses: 20

Total Buses: 235
Cost: 423,000



Visit our website < > for more complete details.

If you are in or nearby one of the top districts listed on our website < > share with us your local dynamics (i.e. schools, Universities, churches, local issues, ballot measures) and interest in volunteering.

Contact us through the website or twitter (@organizeddems) if you have questions or need more information. Thank you for your support!