60 MESI – 7% ANNUO / 60 MONTHS – 7% YEARLY 60 MESI – 7% ANNUO / 60 MONTHS – 7% YEARLY

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.crowdroyal.it/products/60-mesi-7-annuo-60-months-7-yearly-60-mesi-7-annuo-60-months-7-yearly

Everything becomes possible. Crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity for all those who wish to face an investment with a low starting capital, and for all operators in the sector who are looking for new sources of capital supply. We want to create a solid network of investors who want to create something. An investment is not only the selfishness of making one’s capital profitable but it creates work. Behind a real estate project hides an armature consisting of a myriad of sectors, from professionals to construction companies. The money invested and once circulated returns like a boomerang. Only thanks to daring and willing people, even in this period of financial crisis, can the market move. CROWDROYAL gives the possibility behind the color screen of any computer or smartphone to create these possibilities.The meeting between idea and money gives rise to an economic vortex that creates new wealth. CROWDROYAL generates this meeting with a careful analysis of the real estate sector behind it. Every investment involves a risk, it must be evaluated, butyou have to try it, you risk it, but then you have the expected returns.