Establishing Father’s Rights

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My son is needing a lawyer to get his parental rights established. I have called around to different attorneys and legal aide and no one is willing to help until he pays $2000 down. I started the go fund me account because trying to keep things out of court ,which was the mothers request at the beginning , is no longer an option. My son had a car accident three weeks ago and was suspended from his job the very next day so he has been down on his luck. We have been involved with my grandson as much as we could be from the beginning . They live about an hour away from us so i would either drive the whole way or meet in the middle to pick my grandson up for visits. For the past year it has been nothing but excuses on why we could not see or get him. It was usually that someone was sick or they had plans. My son does not get informed on where his son physically resides, that the house he lives in had a fire or that his son had surgery . I found the information out from the mother because she was communicating somewhat with me. However the contact on her end has stopped with me. It has now been five months since my grandson has seen his daddy and family. My mother which is great grandma to my grandson has cancer , congestive heart failure and kidney failure so time is very important to all of us. My son has been paying child support and it is current . We have also helped with other things from the beginning. We are missing so much right now. What has been going on is not right nor fare. We have a lawyer lined up now its just coming up with the funds . We have reached out to everyone we know and we are at a stand still now.