Help this Dad visit his children for a MONTH

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Hello! This fundraiser is to help me visit my two little children (girl 7, boy 5) in San Diego, California. I’m a navy vet that got stationed in Virginia in 2015. I got out the navy so that I had the freedom to spend more time with them but past 5 years has been really hard. I’ve only been able to visit them once a year and only for a week at a time because of a small budget. This year I want to surprise them and spend a whole month with them. “DADDY’S STAYING FOR A MONTH!!!” is what I want to say to them when I see them. Any help with this dream will be extremely appreciated!

The funds will be used for lodging and travel cost to California, as well as to help cover some activities cost while there.

I wish abundance everyone out there! Thank you in advance!

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