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AI THE FUTURE (Product-Q1)

Artificial Intelligence is the leading role of the future. It is profoundly affecting everyone’s life , career and the society. As a revolutionary technology, the AI will bring benefits and convenience to the human life. At the same time,AI will replace some manual works ,kill or change several jobs and cause some people to lose […]

Help Remote School for a Library & Computer Lab

Anonymous $20 1 hr Abel Lambea is organizing this fundraiser. Created 1 hour ago Education & Learning Kembil Primary School is a remote school in the Nipa District of Southern Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea serving a population of more than 15000 in 10 tribal villages. The school currently enrolls over 2500 pupils and […]

A Higher Education for Natalia

I’m raising money for my daughter education. Five years ago she started going to university but she had to stop two times because we couldn’t pay for it. Now she want to study online at Arden University, it’s cheaper than other universities but still is very expensive for us. Thanks for your help.

Help Noelle move to Colorado and become a Vet Tech

Hi all! My name is Noelle and I live with my partner and our pup Shinji. We currently live just outside DC in a little town called Vienna. My partner and I need to move to Colorado. Our lease ends next March and we saw and opportunity to go, provided we can save enough money. […]

School Supplies for kids in the Philippines

All kids deserve access to school supplies, but financial struggles prevent many families from being able to purchase all the items their kids need for a successful school year. We are looking to help families and children make progress beyond education, economic and social limits. We want to ensure children start school with the necessary […]

Help Education in Brazil due to Covid19

Five years ago, I made my dream of opening an early childhood education school for low-income children in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil come true. The children’s families pay an affordable amount that is sufficient to help with expenses and whatever is needed more, I’ve been giving from mu own pocket. With my job […]

Help me with College tuition, please.

Hi my name is Deion. I’m reaching out to you because I finally started my long term goal and dream of going to film school. I had a job but, lost it due to it shutting down for lack of business. I’m trying my hardest to get a job, but I’m having no luck. Any […]

Help George get a New Laptop

Late Sunday afternoon, I came home to my window opened in my room and my backpack missing. This included my laptop, calculator, and other things I needed for my school. I informed the police, but there’s not much that can be done to find the thief. I am a full time med school student in […]

GoFundMe College Funds

I use to go to an art school but had to leave because of how expensive it is. I would like to go back to finish my major as a graphic designer. The pandemic and protest has made it hard to get money, defiantly since my mother is afraid of me or anyone in our […]