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My name is Alaa and I am currently pursuing a degree in Preventative Care and Wellness at Loma Linda University, School of Public Health, California. I am looking to raise 35,000 to complete my PhD. I am having trouble paying for tuition and need help. Please help me graduate, so I can use my higher […]

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Coral reefs house at least 1/4 of all sea life etc. Eco-Mara and Pwani University has completed via budget support, a successful research project of 18 students, who are becoming Marine Scientists. Our combined support ensuring their study projects were scientifically sound with the right equipment. The 18 students all had great projects but the […]

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Hi everyone! The school that I am creating this campaign to attend is the Intergral Yoga Institute. Class begins Sept 7th 2019 and runs through until December 15, 2019. It is for my 200 hour level 1 certification. I will use the knowledge gained at the institution to help all folks, but my passion is […]

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I have recourse to the Crowd Funding to can pay my studies abroad because it’s expensive and because I don’t want to do a student loan


Hi my name is Moa Roos and I`m 22 years old and I´m from Sweden. I have just started at the school New York Film Academy in Los Angeles for a 1-year program of Filmmaking, but I need help so I can pay rent, since I have to use that part that was supposed to […]

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My name is Reneasia and I am an interactive media- digital design student at Quinsigamond Community College. I will be earning my associates degree on May 23rd and I was recently accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design as a graphic design student for the fall quarter! As a first generation student, I […]

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My name is Anthony. My wife, Francine, and I are trying to raise money for a new trombone for our son Nicolas. We are very proud of Nicolas and what he has accomplished. In an effort to support his passion for and desire to play music, we’re hoping to buy Nicolas his dream trombone. From […]

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Help robb afford his 50th bday and then get him to Reno for sex. Hasn’t been laid in 10 years and fucking misses it, pun intended!

Reneasia’s College Tuition Fund ViralExposure Booster

My name is Reneasia Love, I’m a first generation student majoring in interactive media-digital design at Quinsigamond Community College and I will be earning my associates degree in May! I was recently accepted into the Savannah College of Art & Design for the fall quarter and I will be majoring in graphic design. I have […]

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Help us to move to a safer area, and help my children to go to school, when we leave Great Britain to go to Iraq Tagline: Please help me and my family move to a safer part of Iraq after my PhD. I am from a war-zone in Iraq. In 2014, I was awarded a […]