Help Noelle move to Colorado and become a Vet Tech

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Hi all!

My name is Noelle and I live with my partner and our pup Shinji. We currently live just outside DC in a little town called Vienna.

My partner and I need to move to Colorado. Our lease ends next March and we saw and opportunity to go, provided we can save enough money. Our main reason for relocating is to go to school and become a vet tech. Due to mistakes I made in my past, I can’t become a vet tech because I have a single felony charge on my record. VA state law will not let me expunge my record. I just want to move past this stage of my life and do something productive while accomplishing a long time goal of mine.

After doing some research, I learned I can become a licensed vet tech in Colorado. Learning this accelerated our plans drastically. I’m already working as much overtime as I can, and am currently looking for a second job but we still need help coming up with some money.

Anything you can donate helps! If you can’t donate then please share!