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Fundraising for company progression and marketing as well as employee support!

Hey! Ashonte here! I know I’ve been off the map for a while, and really there’s no excuse for that and I do apologize. However I’m back with MAJOR NEWS. God has given me a life changing opportunity! I just started my own catering company out here in San Antonio TX. I need family, friends and anyone else willing to lend their support to get the company off the ground! I’m trying to raise money for company equipment and marketing! My company’s name is Fresh4Life Catering. (meal prep and private event catering). Please do me a big favor and lend me your support!
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On the website you’ll find a paypal donation link!
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Every donation large or small matters and is equally and deeply appreciated! If you dont wish to donate or simply can’t, that’s okay! You can still help by passing the word to friends and family who you think can use my company’s services! Word of mouth, the best form of marketing, is absolutely free and again, equally appreciated!
Thank you in advance for your support!

– Fresh4Life Catering
Ashonte Ross, Owner & Head Chef


Phone # (210)-508- 3690