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Hello, my name is Diego Cosanatan, I am 22 years old, I am originally from Peru but I have lived for some years in the United States, New York to be more exact, thanks to the efforts of my parents I was able to study cooking, a career that I love with all my being. My dream was always to be able to have a restaurant, but that not only benefits me but also benefits low-income people, in 2019 with the few savings I had I went to Peru to start a small burger joint I wanted to try my luck How do you say, really the reception I had was very good. I returned to the United States to work so I could save a little more and grow the business, unfortunately this year due to the pandemic I lost my job in New York and I had to use all that was left of my savings, my dream was saw truncated and I had to close the small restaurant, I always believed in my ideals and never gave up,
I decided that this time would not be the exception, I will continue with my life project because I know that this way I will be able to generate employment for low-income people who are having a worse time than me. I believe that dreams come true and I believe that everything happens for a reason, today I come to go found me with great hopes that someone can add their two cents for this project and thus not only make my dream come true but also be able to generate employment for people who need an economic solvent. I know that with the amount of $ 10,000 I will be able to take off in this dream and with a lot of effort and dedication I will be able to grow. Thank you very much in advance to everyone who supports this cause. I will be uploading constant updates.

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