Joy cometh in the morning

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Many people often complain about their ordinary job but rarely make changes to fulfill their true happiness. I personally will not let my boring factory job hold me back from doing what I really enjoy. I am seeking capital in order to step away from my day job and venture out onto my own and start a business I am compassionate about. I am enthusiastic about organic gardening and horticulture and desire to start a medium scale greenhouse that will be open to the public year round. To many people this may sounds irrational but many people don’t realize that organic crops and farming is dying out. Our precious lands are being converted to subdivisions and communities. Farmers feed America and we rely on good quality produce to become and stay healthy. A good portion of your foods are directly related to farming in some fashion. Let’s please keep this industry alive and thriving for the foreseeable future. I plan to install numerous greenhouses which will provide produce and plants to communities. I also aim to help low income families obtain budget friendly items to help them in their day to day meals. I also seek to purchase a few acres for crop lands as well. During these difficult times, people are vowing to grow their own gardens to help offset their monthly bills. I will also offer classes like growing, canning, and anything else that will preserve this idea. My main problem is I capital funds in order to step away from my full time job and venture out into my passion. I will not provide you a sob story or elaborate but I have a daughter with Cerebral Palsy and she requires constant care. This is a big burden on my wife and myself and I can’t leave my current job without proper funds. If you would like to know more about her then I’ll gladly respond to inquiries. She is my rock and always has a smile. Please consider helping me fulfill my passion. 

A quote that has always been with me and always will be is as follows.

“Pain endures only for the evening but joy cometh in the morning”

It is very applicable and I hope you can use it as well.

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