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Heart Surgery for Our Sweet CB GoFundMe Booster

Brandon Dante Launches Heart Surgery GoFundMe Campaign for CB

San Rafael, CA  — Brandon Dante has organized a GoFundMe campaign requesting the public’s assistance. The family’s beloved CB is in desperate need of open heart surgery.  You can assist with a simple donation as little as $1, a small amount adds up to a big difference.

Brandon and his family deeply love their sweet CB. She brings so much joy and love to their lives and is an integral member of their family!

Unfortunately, she’s suffered with her heart condition for a while, but recently the doctors told the that she needs a life saving surgery within the next year to fix her degenerative mitral valve disease.

The surgery is long and expensive and is only performed in 2 places in the whole world: Japan & Florida. The doctor, Japanese cardiologist Masami Uechi, DVM, has had success with this procedure and has started training other vets at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

They’ll start doing the procedure there in June and we’ve been able to get on the wait list, but we need help raising the funds.

Every single dollar will go towards her surgery which has been estimated to cost between $40,000-$55,000.

Please support Brandon and CB today on GoFundMe at

Media Contact
Brandon Dante
San Rafael, CA
eMail: info [at]
Twitter: @CbHavanese