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Cancer Cucks Campaign for Help & Medical

HELP no money for after care, need help with medical supplies

Please Help Baby Vivian GoFundMe Campaign

Baby Vivian needs Your Help

Baby Vivian witness the gruesome murder off his mother in the united states of America and his fathers needs financial help to take him back to jamaica Janice traveled to this country in October 2019 in the hopes of giving her son and herself a better life. Tragically on September 18th, just 11 months after […]

Olivia Requires Immediate Surgery

PLEASE SHARE: My precious beautiful Olivia requires surgery immediately. I recently discovered a tumor located on her cervical area (throat). Olivias surgery is estimated to cost approximately $5,500 – $6,050 for a diagnosis because of where the tumor is located 🙁 With your love & support Olivia will be able to begin the process of […]

Relive again

Care4u Group inc. seeking donations to help the homeless to get them off the streets and help kids that are struggling with learning. We can offer the kids one on one tutoring. Lots of kids struggle among other kids and sometimes the solution is to give that special attention to that one child that can […]

GoFundMe USA 5 Best Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link


My life has been severely affected by COVID-19 just like many other Americans. I have been unemployed for 6 months now and just about 3 weeks away from being homeless. I am actively seeking work, but have reached a point where I cannot travel to or accept a position if I cannot afford gas or […]

E-Commerce Recovery Initiative

Baby Logan Emergency Fund

Due to the current conditions of the world, Myself and my family are experiencing a financial hardship. We are trying to be as prepared as possible for Baby Logan’s arrival. As all mothers and fathers know, something always pops up we are unprepared for, surgery, Hospital bills,and due to the pandemic and limited working hours, […]

Please help save Zytus

This little guy is Zytus. He is my leopard Gecko. I got him last year on Sept. 7th 2019 and we have been inseperable since then. Everything seemed fine until recently a couple weeks ago before his birthday he has not been eating. His usual diet consists of meal worms but he wont even look […]

eyes surgery

hi i am an international student in canada. i started working as a delivery driver in 2020 and in march 2020, i met with an accident and lost my eyesight. i got jobless. nobody appointed me after that. my parents spent everything to get me here and now they don’t have anything else to loose. […]

Ace Magic Studio announces the launch of Time is Magic Animated Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Ace Magic Studio announces the launch of Time is Magic Animated Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Ace Magic Studio announces the launch of Time is Magic Animated Playing Cards on Kickstarter. A high quality deck of time/steampunk style cards with built in animations and gold foiled box. Great for collectors and magicians.