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My wife has severe dental work that needs to be done. The backstory behind this is she was raped when she was a teenager and putting herself into a vulnerable position caused her severe panic and anxiety attacks. She has finally somewhat gotten this under control. In the process of starting her care our daughter was diagnosed with  cancer and then ulcerative colitis within a week of each other.

I then needed shoulder surgery so it was put off even more. She has stood by all of us and taken care of us through it all. I’m a veteran and have my own list of issues along with the shoulder that she has nursed me through. The roof of her mouth will not hold a denture because of the shape. Anything left over is going back into the community for others that need help with care. Her dream is to go to Dr. David and Associates in Jacksonville Florida for the D5. She is one of the strongest out there.

Help me make this come true for her. If you would like I can set up through the dentist if you are more comfortable. I’m not used to asking for help and it is biting me to do so but I have to try. I don’t know how to get this going. I keep to myself and my wife doesn’t really talk to anyone for obvious reasons. So please share if you could. This effects every aspect of her life. She is so depressed . She can’t eat, smile, talk or kiss. Its literally killing her mentally and physically. She wont let me take photos of her . She hates looking at herself. Hence my photo.


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