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My nephew Carson, a sweet 2 year old boy, was diagnosed with Leukemia. His family is in need of money for the hospital bills they’re receiving.

A message from my sister Tess:
I know everyone is sick of seeing this link. But I am getting to a point where I have nowhere else to turn for help. This journey with my baby boy has been so hard. So many bumps along an already challenging uphill road.
Carson’s leukemia is very aggressive. Most kids get into remission within the first month of treatment. We are four months in and not there yet. This means big changes for his treatment plan. I quit my job in August, expecting to return to work around November. This will not be possible now… We will be spending much of the next several months inpatient at the hospital so I will be out of an income for the foreseeable future. My husband has been working as much over time as he is able to, and I know there have been many donations made to Carson’s cause, but unfortunately things are still hard, and getting harder. Any $ helps.