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Wyvern VR - Artwork by Nico Barse

Play any PC game on VR

The project

Virtual reality tends to be expensive due to hardware and production costs of games and experiences.

Last summer our team came up with an idea to fix both issues; make use of google cardboard-like VR headsets that work with smartphones to display the content and do the head tracking and rely on a powerful machine, like a gaming computer, to run the games.

The first iteration of those ideas was Red Dragon VR, a developer environment to build content for our affordable ecosystem.

At that stage the platform was still unstable and it required custom created content. This last limitation was constraining what RDVR could be in the future and we changed our focus to something more ambitious: run any game on virtual reality.

The new purpose came along with a new name for the project, Wyvern VR.

But, what’s Wyvern VR?

What we are building is a middle-ware software plugin to enable any 3D PC game to be displayed as an inmersive VR experience that’s affordable and has a good quality as well.

Wyvern VR is not a developer platform or a media player. It is a friendly and easy to use lightweight software.

To start enjoying install it on your computer. Launch any game and Wyvern will stream it in real time and without latency to your smartphone. Then it will process the 3D content as VR and make it available to be displayed with a phone-compatible headset. Pure magic!

If you already are into the mobile VR you’ll probably own a headset. Otherwise you should consider getting one. You can find good headsets on Amazon or Aliexpress for less than $20. The cardboard ones are only $5! Just make sure it has head stripes or you’ll have to hold it while playing.

Skull Forest - Ilustration by Daniel Eskridge
Skull Forest – Ilustration by Daniel Eskridge

Mighty Wyvern

Mighty Wyvern is the software developer tool for Wyvern VR. It provides a way for programmers to easily extend Wyvern’s functionalities.

If you want to be an active part of the team and help make Wyvern VR the best product possible MWVR is your tool.


March 2017 – Day One release

July 2017 – Early Bird release

The Lake - Ilustration by Daniel Eskridge
The Lake – Ilustration by Daniel Eskridge

The team

Bernat Canal – Programmer

Nicolas Barse – Design

Astor Prieto – Testing & Corrections

Quim Salvadó – Testing & Corrections

Lluís Perez – Testing

Linus Montolio – Testing

Video’s music by Jahzzar

Special thanks to Ferran Compte and Daniel Eskridge for letting us use their amazing graphics!