When abuse is covered up

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When abuse is covered up and a life is destroyrd
Loccation: Honolulu, Hawaii

Here is the story. Bare with me please
It’s a really complicated situation, but I will try to keep this as short as possible. A United Sates Navy man marries Canadian girl in Calgary, Canada. She has a temporary hold on her to enter the country. He cannot bring her in. Instead he takes her to a military base in Europe, gets her a military ID with permission from the Navy, and flies her to Hawaii via military transport. The Navy welcomes her into the country with open arms.

Not long after, the husband shows his true nature and becomes violently abusive to her over and over again. He is arrested on more than one occasion and finally charges are filed with the Honolulu Police Department. He has a restraining order and “will” be found guilty if he goes to trial, as the evidence is insurmountable.

He and his command begin to threaten her and her family that if she testifies they will have her arrested and deported. She is too afraid of him and the threats and does not show up to court. Charges are dropped and a week later the husband’s command and he himself turn her into immigration. She is tackled outside her apartment buy ICE agents and physically assaulted and hurt by the agents in the process. Brittany has been locked up in the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu for entering the country illegally since the 23rd of May and faces charges for a crime she did not initiate, but rather the Navy and her husband did.

The abuse continues
To add insult to injury, the immigration officers served Brittany with divorce papers after detaining her, of which she has twenty days to sign. Being detained she has no ability to defend herself against the divorce papers of which state that he is expecting her to be responsible for depts he accumulated from before they were married. He knows she cannot fight this being detained. On top of that, the man acquired her apartment keys from ICE and stole her jewelry, passport and cash. The military is doing everything they can to get this girl out of the picture to protect a career Navy man close to retirement and their own hides for circumventing the law. Pretty damn disgusting!

In for a fight
My name is Patrick and I am Brittanys only friend in Hawaii, and I am doing everything I can to help this poor girl who is going through hell, as am I. I am emotionally and physically exhausted from worrying about Brittany and non-stop fighting for her. I have hired attorneys, reached out to local senators and representatives (no response yet as per the norm to average voters), taken every avenue I could think of, but it all takes money. She now has nothing thanks to him. She has no family here and her family in Canada does not have the money to fight this disgusting case, and they are devastated. This is not fiction. This is actually happening and I am so far beyond furious at this absolute miscarriage of justice that is occurring and the cover up that they think they are going to get away with. Not on my watch!!!

I have had an ad up for a few days now with a basic “please help” story, avoiding any words like immigration, ICE and detention for fear of stereotypical opinions and possible retaliation from the offending parties. But I cannot do that anymore. They can come after me if they want, but I will “not” stop fighting for Brittany. I know that was a long story, but it needed to be told.

Current situation
I am running out of funds fast and it is with deep regret and a shattering of pride that I have to resort to this campaign, but I have put my pride aside and I’m reaching out for your help. All funds are to go toward getting the legal assistance that Brittany needs and to get her back home to Canada and on her feet again. I don’t wish to see her go, but family is what she needs right now.

If any of you out there can see how wrong this is and are as disgusted as I am, please lend a hand. Brittany is the sweetest person I have ever met, and she has had a world of hurt forced upon her. She is a victim of spousal abuse, flagrantly illegal actions by the military, and a system that is broken. She does not deserve this and she needs your support. Thank you for your time. Aloha!

Even if you can’t help at this time, please consider sharing this campaign and helping to get the word out. Thank you

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