We need a van for Paris, RETT SYND

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Hi everyone hope you’re all well.

My name is Toby and this is my beautiful daughter Paris Lee, she is 18 years old and lives with Rett Syndrome which is a rare genetic mutation affecting brain development in girls. Not only that but Paris suffers from epilepsy and very bad scoliosis as well. She can’t walk or talk but knows what is going on around her and loves to laugh.
I am desperately trying to raise money to buy her mum a wheelchair access van ( like a Toyota hiace ) as the one her mum has been leasing from a charity organisation she can no longer afford and is getting taken off her now. Paris needs full time care and needs a van to be able to get her and her mum around for all her doctor appointments, unexpected hospital trips and everyday living.
Paris’s mum and I are not together and is a struggle for both to look after her. Paris lives with her mum in Perth Australia.
Paris and her mum Jessica needs this van urgently and is trying hard to get one. I know she will be extremely grateful.
Anything raised will go 100% towards a van for Paris.
I heard about Gofundme and thought this might be the help I need, and now I know about this I can repay my appreciation by helping other people in desperate need. Hopefully you can please help me raise the funds to make this happen, I would be enormously grateful for any donation of what ever size , and thanks very much for taking the time to read my story.
I’d just like to add also , I know it is a big target to hit but this just covers the cost of a van and we will have to cover the cost of getting the wheelchair hoist put in and hopefully get government funding to help , if the van is purchased any less then what is raised then the rest will be put towards the van wheelchair conversion. Thanks again

Kind regards

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