Weʼre raising £4,000 to To help girlfriend/ best friend medical treatment for having brain tumour removed.

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/brett-cutler-1?utm_term=WzEZ698YB

To help my girlfriend, pay the medical treatment she received in order to save her life. The treatment was used to remove a brain tumor, that was rooting her brain. And she was to leave the hospital but is refused by the head doctors till all is paid.

Only then will she be released from the hospital. She is a very kind person, would prefer that I not go online and ask, but I know that we can not do this by our selves.

The main objective of the campaign in to get her home safely, so that she dose not need to be worried about being stuck in hospital with doctors trying to sue her for not be able to pay, and making matters even worse.

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