VirtacoinPlus (XVP) hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency

Campaign URL or Website URL :

10 XVP for any amount donated !!!
VirtacoinPlus (XVP) is a hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency with 7% Stake Interest.

We Need ~1.00 BTC (about $6,000) to list VirtacoinPlus XVP on exchange with possibility to trade USD / XVP (US dollar / VirtacoinPlus)

Also You can donate instantly to Vote for XVP to be listed: > send min 0.001 BTC to 1BkP7sFABC8Cq9MUCyF2BhjGCZJi3pbsFq > send any amount of DGB (DigiByte) to D9umjH5RartmRvuDTNX8yuPcDZhqDY3kt5

Or donate instantly to our cryptowallets:

BTC – 1JyZVqVqaGFwwByEVNzQ58qf7C1iRJuKGb

ETH – 0x6bF7C21613A89AE435b4408f6CA1e24df8D9e721

BCH – qpxfs4twucrfrz4zvvunuy2fsxulyam9ustycuj9s2

XVP – VM2q9mR1i11tVKFBMruyiCLi5JhPXKb3FU

RDD – RnRRgwzaznjjF5TeqABJP84h8tEJchjVm5

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VirtacoinPlus website:

Staking with wallet:
Download desktop wallet from . Deposit 10000 XVP and watch how Your wallet making XVP for You.

You can start mining VirtacoinPlus (XVP) with Your compurter.

How to start You will find on:

More info:
Support needed for VirtacoinPlus (XVP) promotion to increase its price and popularity world wide. Today It has only 10,000,000 XVP Coins in circulation and it is cheap now to buy.

Coins can be purchased now for about $0.002 ( was on December 1st.- $0.015 ) on

Your contribution definitely will help to increase XVP coin price.

Plans for near future:

Willing to increase price to $0.10 for 1.00 XVP in 2018 January. ( was $0.03 )

Willing to increase price to $0.50 for 1.00 XVP in 2018 August.

Willing to increase price to $1.00 for 1.00 XVP in 2018 December.

Contribution purpose:

> Promotion of coin (price growing)

Top. goals to be listed on and Exchanges.
1st. goal to reach 100,000 FACEBOOK fans on :

2st. goal to reach 100,000 Twitter followers on :
3th. goal to be listed on