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Since renting the home November 23, 2013, we did have a limited amount of mold in the main bathroom. I was able to keep that under control. Every year it would get worse, I’d tell the lanlord he never really would do anything about it or send in the proper cleaning crew to get rid of it. he’s never taken care of anything in the home. We’ve cared for the lawns and any repairs that needed that need Ed fixing we did them ourselves. After losing my husband to a massive heart in September 2013 I learned how to be the fix it person. If I contacted the lanlord it would take him days if not weeks to fix or resolve anything. Plus he would say have your boys fix it they need to learn! Yes, he would say that! After showing him this video of how bad the mold has gotten in June 2019, he sent us a letter of eviction July 8th 2019. It stated we needed to be out by July 31st. I contacted friends of ours that do real estate, she said he was technically supposed to give us 60 days, they said to contact the court to get that extension. According to the court house he never did the proper eviction, he just typed a letter. Our real estate friends found us a home..I went through the process of getting approved and I did for $120,000. Thousand, the home they found us was $94,000. We proceeded with on with the purchase and as 1st time homebuyer, I was never informed of the financial costs I needed. I was able to do handle most of them except the closing costs. The total I need to close is $5008.00. I’ve come up with$1199.00, leaving the remaining balance $3809.00. That’s why I started a GoFundMe campaign. We need to be outta the house September 4th, 2019. After explain to the lanlord we decided to buy a home and our closing date is the 4th of September he said if I didn’t pay for August and 4 days in September then he would proceed with the proper eviction and I’d be stuck paying attorneys fees along with a list of other fees. I went ahead and paid him $1,008.68. Which set us back that amount. The mortgage company has offered us an extension on closing till September 13,2019, which is great but after the 4th we will have no place to stay. I refuse to pay that lanlord anymore money to stay in that mold infested home. That’s why I purchased you $39.00 plan, in hopes it would get my campaign out there to the right people who would maybe invest in our dream to own our own home! Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you can’t make this go live like your ad suggests then I’d appreciate our money back and I’ll close my campaign and figure out another way.