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My family needs a jump
Start. I will not wait for MAGA . Rather, I am trying everything in my power to get my family back on our feet.

I could go on about how I lost my job 8 months ago due to battling Testicular cancer, that my wife was only able to work part-time as she took care of me 24/7 while I was confined to a bed, having to juggle her job, caring for our 6 year old daughter, all while maintaining our family. How we got behind on bills, had our car repo’d and barely have kept a roof over our head. These are life changing struggles. Ultimately don’t we all face similar challenges? Yes, and it can be damn depressing.

But I will not give up…

I was sitting by our local lake a few days ago attempting to figure out how to pay our mounting medical bills, living expenses, and just how to catch up, and ASAP. Being out of work for a lengthy period is apparently one of the quickest ways to not get called for interviews. However, after thoroughly looking into ride share programs, I realized driving for them would be the quickest, most flexible ways for me to earn significant money quickly. The flexibility being especially appealing. I applied and have been approved pending a proper vehicle.

That’s what my family and I are seeking. Enough money to buy a new/nice enough vehicle that meets their requirements.

After an exhaustive search, the best price while still meeting the minimum requirements is $5190 in hand (inc sales tax). Once we buy the vehicle we can be making money within 24 hours.

Our medical bills are mounting, we are at risk of losing our apartment. We have shut off cable & internet. Luckily, our daughter was given free school supplies but time is running out. For the first time in my life I’ve had to swallow my pride and ask for help. I am not asking for all our bills to be paid rather an opportunity to get me in a position to provide for our family



Thank you,

Rob Hoffman
& family