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Urgent Rent Assistance CrowdFunding Promotion

Emergency rent:
My 2 daughters, ages 10 and almost 13 (as of this Friday), and I are trying to get on our feet after an almost twenty year emotionally abusive and controlling marriage to their father and my ex husband. We’ve been divorced a little over a year after trying 3 times prior to divorce him. Without surprise, he had not made an effort to pay child support. However, about 2 months ago, He begged me to allow him to work towards rebuilding his relationship with his kids and would begin repaying the arrears by paying my land lord directly so I could focus on other debts. Until this week I had no reason to believe he hadn’t done his part because I had not heard anything to the contrary. Tonight I came home to a 3 day demand notice for rent of $5400 in past due and current rent. I have half the amount but landlord requires the full and won’t take a partial payment.

My two wonderful daughters have been through so much over the last 3 years including losing friends because of their father’s actions that I can’t bear for them to lose their home. The trauma would be incredible. It is terribly embarrassing to ask for help because so many people have seen the abuse and shaken their head that I didn’t just turn and leave him over the years. But emotional/controlling abuse eats your soul from the inside out and carves away at who you are. It creates a shell of who you were. I was just starting to find my footing and independence in recent months. I think, honestly, he does this to regain control and make it so I have no choice but to depend on him and be made to feel helpless. It’s incredibly disarming but I’m determined not to be made to feel like a shell of a woman and mother again.

A dear friend who has watched the years of abuse suggested I try GoFundMe. That if I could find 25-30 friends/family or others that could do $100 each then it isn’t such a huge amount. I only have 3 days so it’s going to require a miracle. If you feel led to help me stay on my feet and protect my girls by keeping their home secure I would be forever grateful.