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Dear all, I need your help to save my Mom’s life.
She is a visitor in Canada and we have to pay for her urgent treatment and every check up from our own pocket. Here is our story:
My Mother is my only parent now since my father died from cancer in 1991. She has been living in Ukraine until June 2017 when she came to visit me in Vancouver. She was feeling fine when she arrived, however in a few days my Mom experienced an intense bleeding. I took her to a walk-in clinic doctor who sent her to emergency right away.
In a few days of attending various doctors at different hospitals of Vancouver and Burnaby, doing multiply tests and blood work we found ourselves at BCCA where my Mother found out she had advanced stage of cervical cancer.
She has good chances for recovery as long as she undergoes chemotherapy and possible surgery as soon as possible. She had three chemo sessions so far and the latest results showed that she is responding well to the treatment and her tumor is shrinking.
We need funds to cover existing bill and for the further treatment expenses, as we have to continue chemo sessions regularly to ensure the maximum possible chances for recovery.
These funds is a hope to save my Mom’s life.
My Mother is the dearest person in my life and there is nothing more important and valuable for me as taking care of her and making sure she wins.
We greatly appreciate any help, either financial or kind wishes and prayers.
Thank you very much to all of you in advance!