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Unique Primtiques Small Business Expenses GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Hello, My name is Scott D Van Osdol and I have a love of woodworking and art, as well as music and the great outdoors. I am passionate about my full-time woodworking business and my newest passion for artwork.

I am a small business owner with much monthly expense in online site fees, payment acceptance fees, rising lumber costs, paints, stains, brushes, gloves, clear coating sealants, many other material costs such as metal leg braces, sanding pads, wood glues, wood fillers, shipping costs on heavy wood furniture items, labor costs, energy costs, tool repair and new tool costs on daily, heavily-used tools and much, much more! My oldest daughter and soon-to-be daughter-in-law have been working full-time for me for the past three years as well as my younger son and father and sometimes their friends with paid help on sanding, painting, staining, packaging , running local purchasing errands, etc.

My wife helps me out full-time with our business in making smaller home decor items. With our daily expenses in running a small business and hearing about this wonderful gofundme site, I thought I’d start a campaign in hopes of possible donations to my campaign for help out with keeping the business growing and all of the daily expenses. We do not spend or waste money on petty things, we haven’t bought much of anything for ourselves in several years, except some new clothes and shoes every once in a while. Almost all of our extra money goes back into our business or is saved for Christmas for family and our children.

I appreciate your time reading my campaign story and please do not donate if you do not have extra cash to spare. We get our bills paid and labor costs paid each week to employees, it would just be nice to have some extra help taking that next step toward growing our business without bank loans and interest fees. Any donation no matter how small is and will be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.


Scott D. Van Osdol