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On 02 October, my 30 year old sister tragically passed away after having suffered brain damage caused in an accident which took place on the previous Friday night. She has 4 beautiful, young children that really need help right now. I am a combat wounded veteran whom receives 100% disability, and cannot work due to my extensive injuries. Therefore, I do not have much funds allocated to me each month. I am kindly asking that everyone selflessly please reach into their hearts and send prayers, well wishes, and positive thoughts for her children, our mother, and the rest of our family and friends that are grieving the loss of Cheryl. If you can afford to do so, donations to help assist in the cost of her cremation, memorial services, and funds to help her children are greatly appreciated. I implore all of my FB friends to SHARE this link. Thank each and every single one of you, from every fiber in my being