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The project “Trees of Memory” with its accompanying website and the walk around the earth aims at raising much needed awareness for the intricacies leading to most suicides, wich still remain largely unknown to the public – in turn leading to stigma and a lack of proper help for both, potential victims and their families or loved ones.
The trail around our planet will be formed through the invitations received by surviving dependents of suicide victims, with whom I will plant trees as living memorials for those who fell victim to depression and sickness, and thus having become unable to see any other escape to their suffering than suicide, ultimately loosing the fight for the will to live; but also to commemorate loved ones who no longer walk this earth for any reason, really.

Every tree stands for

A person who is no longer with us
Surviving dependents left behind in grief and mourning
A relationship, that once began with a sown seed, becoming a small plant, and eventually having grown into a beautiful, strong and sturdy entity, just like a tree
A growing, blossoming, international and intercultural symbol that goes beyond denominational boundaries, saying: Yes you can make it. You are worth fighting for your life, for it to bless you with reaching your dreams and goals, and for life to answer your craving and longing. There are people who think you and are there for you! A symbol for courage and hope.
Online portal for surviving dependents
This live project is accompanied by an online portal and will be documented on my website „Trees of Memory“. This is to gain a more adequate format with the help of this campaign, for the current website presentation on feels like a mere provisional solution.

A Portal to keep the memory alive
On this portal, poems, letters, videos and photos will pay tribute to these people, keeping the memory alive.
The forum will help surviving dependents share their feelings and help each other in their grief and mourning.

It shall furthermore raise awareness / draw attention to the global rise in suicide over the past years
“Trees of Memory” shall be an internationally visible beacon for the increasing rise in death by suicide. This tends needs to be stopped! With my project, I want to do my part to raise awareness and elicit attention to this problem, working with journalists and newsrooms on ways of reporting that raise awareness, instead of triggering copycat suicides. And I want to help surviving dependents (like myself) as good as I can – through this project, but also on a personal level – so we may find the strength to get through this.