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Hi my Name Shilo Tallman, I was born and raised here on Mother Earth, but I live in the United States and Grew up on the pine ridge reservation. I’m trying to plant at least over 3,000 trees or more in our tribal lands, native trees, fruit trees , all types that trees that are sustainable and can survive in this region of climate, I will need to buy all these seeds which cost 2 dollars or more, if I can give you a direct price on this project I would, but I’m hoping to plant more then what my goal is, I mean nothing bad ever came from planting trees right? We’re in a time where this needs to happen! With all this climate change going on right now, this seems like the perfect project to put my time and efforts into maybe even my life. Ill ask for volunteers from the communities, but this is something that if it comes down to it, I’ll walk and plant the trees on my own. In high school I’ve had big impact on the communities through school and sports, now In college I want to do more, the promote the importance of education and health, I know there are a lot of youth that look up to me, and I don’t want to use that as a negative thing, so why not set another great example through spreading awareness of how important Mother Earth is, not just for people but for all living species on this planet! I’m really hoping this works and if this goes through as planned, I’ll create a movement of tree planting of native fruit trees, and others as well not only on our reservations but reservations around the country, maybe even towns, cities, and if this becomes as big as I invision it, this will be great!! This is the first step of the vision “Tunkaśila” god has blessed me with, This has the potential to be great and I’m willing to do the work because in this time of need, We have to be willing to put our Time and effort into giving back to Mother Earth and in return I know she will give back to us in a bigger way!!
So please help me on giving back to Mother Nature, in return she’ll provide food and shelter for our youth and generations to come!!
I’m not only just asking for funding for this I’m asking for donations of seeds as well!!
Help spread the word!