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Atlanta and the surrounding perimeter has a problem with stray and ferile cats. New litters are always being born and there is insufficient food and shelter for those new born kittens other than what there Mother’s can provide and what they can find on land. Stray cats and newborn litters are easily found in many of the local communities, it is not uncommon to be driving around the suburbs of Atlanta and see stray and ferile cats living outside without a home. One female cat can produce over 100 kittens in her lifetime and kittens can even begin having litters themselves as young as only four months old.

Our mission is to help support TNR (trap neuter and release) some cats can be domesticated however others rather remain ferile and live outside. The end goal is to trap them, neuter them and release them back into the wild so they do not create subsets of more cats that might not have a chance to survive.

With your support you will help us provide the necessary clinic services and also materials that are needed in order to trap kittnes as well as food and other supplies that encompass the entire TNR process.

Please keep in mind that the odds a young kitten that is under six weeks suriving on its own without its mother present is very low!

Thank you, every dontaion helps the TNR cause !